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Business Owners: How to Avoid ADA-Noncompliance Fines in 2020

Blind person with long cane on escalator indoors

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a landmark civil rights bill that protects people with disabilities in private and public spaces. As a business owner, you need to know what responsibilities you have under the law to ensure people with disabilities can easily navigate your business, whether you run a hotel, a restaurant, or […]

The Benefits of Photoluminescent Systems

purple microscopic organisms

People can become easily flustered in emergency situations, especially when a power failure leaves them in the dark. When backup generators, batteries, and other typical alternatives fail, unique options like photoluminescent systems can provide highly visible, straightforward warnings and guidance without electricity. What Is a Photoluminescent System? The word “photoluminescent” refers to something that glows […]

Benefits of Graphic Tile Systems

caution train crossing look both ways Sign

Graphic tile systems benefit those with and without visual impairments. These detectable warning services provide a warning to those with impaired vision, letting them know that caution is needed. On the other hand, a graphic tile system also offers a text- and graphics-based message for those without a visual disability. These tiles can be used […]

How ADA Solutions Ensures Safety for All


Millions of Americans have some sort of visual impairment ranging from poor eyesight to complete blindness. Being visually disabled can present challenges when venturing outside of the home and accessing public walkways, transportation, rail platforms, and work environments. Some of the more common obstacles found outside the home are unexpected objects, traffic, sudden drops, and […]

What Is the Purpose of ADA Tiles?

blurred movement disabled on a city street

ADA tiles are part of a sidewalk or entry system that will help your business comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA requirements for surfaces are detailed and complex, but installing approved tiles as required will help protect your visitors from injury and your business from a lawsuit or fines for noncompliance. Let’s discuss […]