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Making Our Cities Safer, One Walkway at a Time

front side of ramp way to support wheelchair disabled people

Are you familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? Did you know that the ADA holds specific guidelines for walkways, sidewalks, and walking areas that American businesses must adhere to? These ADA guidelines specify exactly how walkways must be installed and how you must make them safe, including specific measurements, so they are traversable […]

Important ADA Standards Businesses Should Follow for Surfaces

wooden bridge for wheelchair users

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a group of civil rights laws that exist to prevent discrimination against individuals with physical and mental disabilities. This includes mandates that demand businesses create accessible routes, like ramps and risers, that allow patients who struggle with mobility to reach, access, or enter public spaces. This mini-guide contains […]

How to Find the Right ADA Surface for Your Building

wet concrete on new sidewalk construction

Creating accessible pathways into buildings is one part of building design that many people overlook. It’s easy for those without mobility hindrances to take ADA-compliant ramps and walkways for granted or to not notice them at all. It’s not possible to overlook these features as someone who designs building blueprints and layouts or needs more […]

How to Make Your Shower Handicapped Accessible

Handicapped Access Bathroom Shower

Start by reviewing ADA guidelines, for, most often, ADA accessible design standards are the concern of those who intend to serve the general public in some way, whether it’s by running a business or providing a public facility. Of course, the specifics of these guidelines may vary, depending on the building’s intended use. However, these […]

How Detectable Warning Surfaces Work

People on a Crosswalk

Detectable warning surfaces are designed to help Americans with disabilities, or about 40 million individuals, safely navigate sidewalks and other public spaces. They are particularly useful for those with visual impairments and who use canes, wheelchairs, or other mobility aids. The Purpose of Detectable Warning Surfaces With a significant percentage of the population facing physical […]