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Wrapping Your Head Around the ADA Standards for Accessible Design

Living with Disabilities: Accessories for the Handicapped

woman on wheelchair entering the platform

There are different types of disabilities that can affect how well one is able to get through his or her day. To ease one’s day to day activities, various accessories are available that can make life a little less challenging. These accessories are designed to address challenges such as: Cooking Lifting Grabbing Walking Climbing Sitting […]

How Do Detectable Warning Surfaces Increase Safety for All Pedestrians?

Yellow Tactile Paving For The Blind Handicap

If you do any type of walking or use public transportation to commute to and from work, you have probably noticed those raised truncated domes on the ground at intersections, rail platforms, and even near bus stops. While we might not give them much thought, they do serve a valuable purpose for everyone. These tiles […]

How Do Detectable Warning Surfaces Help Visually Impaired Pedestrians?

detectable warning device

Detectable warning surfaces act as a stop sign for visually impaired perdestrians at intersections and other busy pedestrian foot traffic areas. There are different types and colors of these warning surfaces one can encounter in their city. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) does not specify a specific color when using tactile warning surfaces, although […]

When Is ADA Compliance Legally Required?

ADA americans with disabilities act image

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) provides certain protections for those with disabilities to provide an equal opportunity to access, like for people without disabilities. For business owners, it is important to understand when you are legally required to be ADA-compliant. The ADA applies to organizations and businesses that fit one or more of the […]