ADA Solutions Iron Dome: Cast Iron Detectable Warning Plates

Notable Features:

  • Meets ADAAG, PROWAG, AODA, and CSA guidelines.
  • Durable Exterior Grade Iron.
  • Made in the U.S.A..
  • Slip resistant textured surface
  • Radius installations can be achieved with Iron Dome systems. Use Radius Calculator to create plate layout for specific project requirements.
  • Available in Natural Patina (standard) or powder coated in Brick Red, Clay Red, Federal Yellow, and Black. Custom colors available.
  • Eligible to earn LEED® points in the materials and resources category.
  • ADA Solutions Iron Dome Panels can ship along with our Fiberglass Composite Panels and our extensive line-up of worker safety and personal protective products.
  • 15 Year Warranty


  • Iron Dome 12×24
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    Iron Dome SF 24×24
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  • Iron Dome 24×30
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  • Iron Dome RAD 15’
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  • Iron Dome RAD 20’
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  • Iron Dome RAD 25’
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  • Iron Dome RAD 30’
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Specification Sheet IronDome Plates PDF Download Icon

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Iron Dome & Iron Dome SF Product Data Sheet PDF Download Icon

Iron Dome Installation Instructions PDF Download Icon

Why use Iron Dome?

Unlike alternative Cast Iron Plates, ADA Solutions Iron Dome Plates are designed by industry experts and installation practitioners. Our Iron Dome Plates are lighter in weight than alternative cast iron options. This significantly reduces cost of freight as well as the potential for back injuries involving warehouse workers, drivers and installation crew members. The lighter weight Iron Dome Plates are much easier to install and are far less susceptible to depth level variances when installing multiple plates in a consecutive run. This results in far less installation complexity, labor expenses and risk of costly call backs.

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