ADA Solutions Warning Surface Products

Cast in Place Replaceable

ADA Solutions introduced this innovative replaceable system in 2006. The Cast-In-Place panel is delivered to you pre-assembled with an extra heavy-duty anchoring system that has been engineered to permit easy insertion and embedment into fresh concrete.

Surface Applied

The ideal solution when you need to retrofit an existing concrete surface or have a new construction project, our surface applied panels are made from exceptionally durable exterior-grade, fiberglass polymer composite material.

cast in place tile

The Cast-In-Place panel is a highly effective long-term solution that is suitable for virtually any project or climate. It is made from sturdy exterior homogenous glass, carbon, and fiberglass reinforced composite material; the thick, heavy panel and sturdy embedment ribs ensure a strong bond and superior structural support.

Radius Systems

Our innovative radius system is designed to enable easy, accurate setup while helping installers comply with all relevant codes. You can use this system with our ADA Radius Calculator to determine the necessary panel quantity and cut dimensions for each installation.