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women and man wearing orange safety vests

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) put regulations in place designed to specifically address the needs of Americans who deal with some kind of disability on a daily basis. The ADA requires businesses to follow these rules and regulations when it comes to both employees and customers with disabilities. If your small business […]

Several pedestrians walking across the street in a crosswalk at night

In 2018, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported a total of 6,283 pedestrian deaths due to traffic accidents—an increase of over 3% from previous numbers. While the government and other organizations have done their best to inform pedestrians about proper traffic safety and keep them aware and alert to their surroundings, there is […]

white walking cane positioned between tactile yellow lines

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a landmark civil rights law. Passed in 1990 by the first Bush Administration, the ADA has changed life immeasurably for millions of people with disabilities. One of the ADA’s greatest impacts has been in making public spaces more accessible via tactile warning surfaces, curb cuts, wheelchair ramps, and […]

Blind man with a white cane walking on the road

An estimated 1.3 billion people worldwide are living with some degree of visual impairment, from moderate issues that can be corrected with glasses to total legal blindness.¹ In the United States alone, more than three million people are visually impaired.² With so many people living with vision problems, we as a society have developed ways […]

Blind female passenger waiting for a subway train

The use of detectable warning surfaces in transit facilities makes access by those with visual impairments and disabilities much easier. The tactile warning surfaces help provide guidance to the appropriate platform, while at the same time serve as a warning. The raised domes on the tiles indicate caution should be used and could signify encountering […]