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How to Make Public Transit Safer, One Situation at a Time

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Detectable Warning Surfaces Keep Schools, Airports, and Mass Transit Environments Safe

Blind pedestrian walking on tactile paving

ADA Solutions’ truncated domes are a type of detectable warning solution used in schools, airports, and mass transit environments. This special raised surface has small raised round sections, which non-visually impaired people and children sometimes say look like Lego® blocks that have been “snapped” into the ground.

Why Certain Colors Are Used for Tactile Detectable Warning Surfaces


Have you ever wondered what purpose those raised truncated domes served when placed at busy intersections or along the edge of subway and train platforms? Aside from providing visual cues to non-visually impaired people that they need to take caution in this location, the raised bumps help provide non-visual cues to people who have problems […]

Tactile Warning Surfaces at ADA Solutions, Inc.


Tactile Warning surfaces are needed in many places as required by federal, state, and local laws and regulations. You will find Tactile warning surfaces used in such locations as: Bus Stations Train Stations Airports Subway Stations Public Sidewalks Public Crosswalks Entry Ways to Businesses Apartment Complexes Condominium Communities Schools, Colleges, and Universities Essentially, these special […]

Most Common ADA Requirements

Common ADA Requirements

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was introduced in 1990 and revised as recently as 2016. In addition to defining a disability, it forbids discrimination and requires employers to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Common ADA requirements also include ease of access, public rights-of-way, and curb ramps at pedestrian crossings. Many of the products ADA Solutions […]