California ADA Requirements

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This guide to small business ADA requirements in California will help your business or public facility achieve compliance and avoid the most common pitfalls. Are you wondering if the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to your business? If your doors are open to the public, or you maintain an outdoor public space, the answer is almost certainly yes.

The California ADA requirements that are outlined here require specific ramp slopes, tactile strips, and other design elements that will help protect you from ADA lawsuits. The most common ADA violations that might result in expensive fines can be avoided by using the right ADA compliant materials.

California businesses pay an estimated 20 million dollars in ADA fines and legal costs each year. With penalties starting at $4000 per offense, it pays to review this visual guide and ADA inspection checklist, and keep it handy for your next safety meeting or remodelling project.

Don’t get caught on the wrong side of these important regulations or become a target for smear campaigns and groups doing their own inspections in order to find a reason to file a complaint. Use this guide to California ADA requirements to help put your business ahead of the curve and breeze through your next ADA inspection.

California ADA Requirements Infographic

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