Why Easy Access Is Important for Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramp

Used by millions of people with mobility problems, wheelchairs offer the opportunity for free movement and independent, caretaker-free living. For these individuals, wheelchair ramps that offer easy access are absolutely essential.

Why Do We Need Wheelchair Ramps?

Wheelchair ramps are needed for every reason, but all mean the same thing to those who use them: the ability to access the world around them with ease.

Ramps can allow for easy access in a home, and also make wheelchair access to vehicles, places of business, and many other locations effortless.

What Difficulties Do Those in Wheelchairs Face When No Ramps Are Available?

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When no ramps are available, those who use wheelchairs may face several difficulties. They may feel they are not visible to their communities. This can cause feelings of worry and stress.

The inability to access needed products and services can make life far more difficult than it needs to be for those who use wheelchairs. However, when the right ramps are installed, a person can feel confident and included and maintain their individual freedom.

Types of Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps are available in a nearly endless array of designs and sizes. This is because there are so many instances where even the smallest ramp can make access easier.

One good example is the portable ramp; it offers versatility and ease-of-use, and there are many styles and sizes available. The same is true of vehicle and track wheelchair ramps.

Ramps can also be permanent for communities and businesses needing long-term solutions. These ramps are typically cemented or bolted in place, but they can also be installed on the surface of a sidewalk or road. While a ramp is certainly useful, it is only one piece of the solution.

Making a Wheelchair Ramp Fully Accessible

White Handicap Sign Painted on Dark Asphalt

Those in wheelchairs who need to access public spaces and services require a two-part solution that includes both a wheelchair ramp and some type of warning surface to allow for easier navigation.

A warning surface alerts individuals that a ramp is nearby. This could be a ramp on a bus, at a curb, or in front of an entrance to a business. There are several types of detectable warning surfaces available, including:

  • Surface-applied products, which offer navigation assistance on transit platforms, sidewalks, ramps, and more
  • Truncated dome pavers, which alert individuals to an upcoming transition of surfaces, such as from a sidewalk to a ramp
  • Radius tactile systems, which allow wheelchairs to follow the contour of surfaces like curb ramps
  • Cast iron dome plates, which offer a more permanent and durable solution for communities and businesses

Top-Quality Detectable Warning Systems

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