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Blind floor tiles on train station platform

Whether you have a new construction project or a retrofitting project, selecting the appropriate detectable warning surfaces is important. You need to ensure you are compliant with the current ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements.1 Since the ADA first went into effect in 1991, there have been several changes, and it is your responsibility to […]


The city is a jumble of access ramps, train platforms, bus stops, sidewalks, curbs, and intersections. While a non-disabled person finds these challenges pretty easy to navigate and deal with, for people with disabilities and visual impairments, this can be more of a struggle. So much so, moving around a big city could truly be […]

Blind pedestrian walking on tactile paving

ADA Solutions’ truncated domes are a type of detectable warning solution used in schools, airports, and mass transit environments. This special raised surface has small raised round sections, which non-visually impaired people and children sometimes say look like Lego® blocks that have been “snapped” into the ground.