Why Choose ADA Solutions

Steel Detectable Warning Tiles in Subway Tunnel

When it comes to ADA-compliant warning systems, we know that you have a variety of manufacturers to choose from. However, we believe that our high-quality products, dedication to customer service, and other great benefits will convince you to choose ADA Solutions. Learn more about us and discover why we’re an ideal resource for all your ADA tile needs.

Who We Are

For more than 20 years, we’ve been meeting the detectable surface needs of customers across a wide variety of industries and professions. As the leading provider of ADA detectable warning surfaces in North America, we strive to produce affordably priced cast in place, surface applied, and replaceable tile products without compromising quality or regulations compliance.

We understand that our industry is about more than just helping customers meet government regulations; it’s about making workplaces, schools, hospitals, parking lots, transit stations, and public spaces safer and more accessible for pedestrians at all levels of ability. Naturally, this is also a core part of our identity as a company.

Our Products and Their Benefits

ADA products aren’t one-size-fits-all. In order to serve a variety of purposes and suit different types of construction, we offer a range of different tiles and systems. From custom graphic tiles with branded logos to photoluminescent systems for emergency guidance in a power outage, we’ve got what you need to get the job done.

Cast in Place Tiles

For new-construction jobs, we offer standard cast-in-place warning surface tiles. These panels are meant to be pressed into fresh concrete so that they are held in place when it is dry. This is one of the simplest types of products we offer, which makes it a flexible long-term solution for a variety of needs.

Features and benefits:

  • Made from durable composite material
  • ADA-compliant truncated dome surface texture
  • 0.25” nominal thickness (not including truncated domes)
  • Available in a range of sizes from 24” x 36” to 36” x 60”
  • Available in nine approved colors

Cast-in-Place Replaceable Tiles

Yellow Bulldozer Clearing Pavement for ADA Tile Surfaces

In 2006, we introduced our innovative cast-in-place replaceable products, designed to be easily replaced after wear and tear have taken their toll. In addition to the panel itself, a replaceable system comes with a heavy-duty anchoring system that is embedded into the concrete. The panel itself can then be secured into the anchor using bolts.
Features and benefits:

  • Embedment flange is 0.75” deep and 1.02” thick
  • System has a 2” embedment depth in concrete for secure placement
  • Protective, structurally fit caps for bolt heads

Surface-Applied Tiles

Our surface-applied products are ideal for adding ADA tiles to existing construction. These panels are simply installed on top of existing surfaces using strong structural adhesives and matching fasteners. Because there’s no need to dig up old surfaces or pour new concrete, our surface-applied tiles are perfect for retrofitting applications.

Features and benefits:

  • Beveled edges create safe transitions (no trip hazard)
  • 0.1875” thickness for thin surface application
  • Comes with fasteners, anchors, and structural adhesive
  • Installs in as little as five minutes

Radius Systems

Not everything has a straight edge, which is why we offer curved radius tactile systems as well. Our unique systems and methods make it easy to accommodate curved surfaces quickly and accurately. With our convenient ADA radius calculator, you can determine just what you need and what cut dimensions you’ll want to use during installation.
Features and benefits:

  • Ideal for radius conditions 6’ – 22’
  • Tiles are pre-scored for 10’, 15’, and 10’ radius measurements
  • Can be cut quickly and easily (within minutes)
  • No cutting needed if the radius is 11’ – 13’

Cast Iron Tactile Systems

We’ve also developed an extremely durable cast iron tactile system using what we call the Iron-dome. Because cast iron is such a strong and resilient material, these systems are perfect for outdoor applications where the tiles will be exposed to elements like snow, rain, salt, and extreme temperatures. These systems are designed to be cast in place and replaceable, but they shouldn’t need to be replaced for a very long time.
Features and benefits:

  • 0.38” nominal thickness (not including truncated domes)
  • Extremely wear-resistant; very long lifespan
  • Available in two sizes: 24” x 24” and 24” x 30”
  • Eligible for LEED points® (materials and resources category)

Replaceable Graphic Tile Systems

For further visual impact and function, we’ve developed replaceable graphic tile system products. In addition to the ADA-compliant truncated dome detectable surface texture, our graphic tiles can be fully customized with whatever imagery or messaging you have in mind. With clearly printed graphics mapped across one or more sequential tiles, you can provide additional warning messages, share important information, or even display an advertisement.
Features & benefits:

  • Combines safety and accessibility with other functions
  • 4-color artwork at photographic quality
  • Easily map custom images and add messaging in minutes

Photoluminescent Systems

To ensure that warnings are still noticeable even when light is scarce, we offer convenient photoluminescent warning surface systems. Charged naturally by ambient light, the Glow-dome technology on these panels creates highly visible warnings in darkness using photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) materials.
Features and benefits:

  • No need for a power source; charged by ambient light energy
  • Ideal for emergency power outages or areas prone to darkness
  • Available as pavers, replaceable tiles, and retrofit transit tiles

Way-Finding Surfaces

For pedestrians who need tactile assistance to navigate across roads and around other areas, we offer way-finding surfaces with directional bars that individuals can feel and follow for guidance. These can be installed in new concrete or on top of existing concrete.
Features and benefits:

  • Directional bar design helps visually impaired individuals navigate by feel
  • Metal or composite materials
  • Available with tamper-resistant hardware

We Know the Regulations Inside and Out

Compliance with ADA regulations is always at the forefront of what we do. We know what the regulations are and what our customers need to do to meet them. When you buy from us, you won’t just be getting compliant tiles—you’ll also get the information you need to properly install your tiles and fully comply with the regulations. Because we keep up with changes to the requirements, you can trust that the products you purchase from us will always be up to date.

Helping Communities at Home and Abroad

With more than 1,500 distribution locations throughout North, Central, and South America, we’ve been able to meet the demands of international customers and improve the lives of those in their communities. We’re deeply dedicated to reducing barriers and increasing public access and mobility for visually impaired individuals throughout our distribution regions.

Reliable Customer Service

Women Searching Online for ADA Detectable Warning Tiles

In addition to offering a range of great products, we also strive to give customers the best possible experience. We know that every project is unique, which is why we’re happy to work with our customers one-on-one to determine what kinds of products would best suit their purposes. By backing quality products with reliable service, we’ve built many strong, long-term relationships with customers.

Whether you’re a new customer or have worked with us for years, all quotes for products are free of charge, allowing you to explore your options thoroughly before you ever pay us a penny.

Find Out How We Can Help Meet Your Needs

If you’re looking for truly innovative, industry-leading detectable warning surface products, ADA Solutions is the one to trust. Call us today at 1-800-372-0519 to discuss how we can help you with your next project.