Benefits of Graphic Tile Systems

caution train crossing look both ways Sign

Graphic tile systems benefit those with and without visual impairments. These detectable warning services provide a warning to those with impaired vision, letting them know that caution is needed.

On the other hand, a graphic tile system also offers a text- and graphics-based message for those without a visual disability. These tiles can be used to display a variety of messages, including wheelchair accessible, bike lane, do not enter, stand back, and many others.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of graphic tile systems for pedestrians.

Improve Pedestrian Safety

In 2018, there was more than a 3% increase in the number of pedestrian deaths. In that year more than 6,000 pedestrians were killed, which marked the most deaths since 1990. While there are many factors that play a role in pedestrian safety, there are also many ways to increase safety for those who are traversing sidewalks and roadways on foot.

A graphic tile system is an effective way to keep pedestrians safe. Not only do these systems offer a detectable surface for those with a visual impairment, but the system also provides a message for those without vision problems.

These tile systems let pedestrians know that there’s an increased need for caution. The system can be used to depict all sorts of messages, letting people know that they need to be mindful of moving vehicles, or that they need to stand back from the curb to allow for the passage or busses or trains.

Send a Message of Welcome & Caution

People these days tend to be looking down at their phones rather than looking up where a traditional sign would be posted. Not only can graphic tile systems be used to warn pedestrians, but they can also be used to better direct and welcome people to their destination.

For example, if you own and operate an ice skating rink, you could not only use a graphic tile system to warn people of a slippery surface but also to welcome them.

Meet ADA-Compliance Regulations

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets rules and regulations to ensure fair treatment and opportunities for millions of Americans. The law requires that local, state, and federal governments meet guidelines for certain specifications of pedestrians, including curb specifications and the use of detectable warning surfaces.

With graphic tile systems, you’re able to better meet ADA compliance while also improving safety for those without visual disabilities.

Not only is it a legal requirement to be ADA-compliant, as humans we should all work to improve the lives and safety of those around us. With a graphics-based detectable warning system, you’re investing in a product that saves lives.

Choose ADA Solutions

red stop do not enter sign

Our replaceable graphic tile systems follow our long-established tradition of innovative and ADA compliant solutions. Tiles are fully customizable, including colors, fonts, messages, and ink options. With customizable tiles, you can get the right message across that keeps pedestrians safe.

These tile systems have been designed to meet or exceed all state and federal accessibility standards, so you can purchase with peace of mind and confidence. Contact our detectable warning experts today at (800) 372-0519 to get a free quote.