Cast Iron Products: Iron Dome®

For twenty years ADA Solutions, has been the industry leader in manufacturing detectable warning surfaces that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and all other applicable government regulations. We have arrived at this position as a direct result of our willingness to innovate and a policy of responding to the needs of our customers and distributors. This guiding principle has led us to develop our latest offering in ADA-compliant tactile warning tiles: Iron Dome®.

Cast Iron Products

Iron Dome® is essentially an upgraded, improved version of our older cast iron ADA warning tiles. How does Iron Dome® differ from this older product? It has been specially designed with relatively lighter materials that can be installed and removed with greater ease, which significantly reduces the overall costs associated with its maintenance. Formerly, our cast iron product came in 12” by 24” pieces that were assembled with 1-2 rails. With Iron Dome®, clients now have their choice of two sizes: 24” by 24” and 24” by 30”. These state-of-the-art warning tiles are installed with an anchor system, which makes these materials more easily replaceable.

Iron Dome® includes a variety of valuable features that make it ideal for use as an ADA- and ADAAG-compliance detectable warning surface:

  • Textured, slip-resistant surface that meets coefficient of friction requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).
  • Color contrast that complies with ADA and ADAAG requirements for light-on-dark or dark-on-light detectable warning surfaces. UV-stable materials provide uniform coloring without the need for paint or other surface coating. (Custom colors are available.)
  • Made in the U.S. with recycled, eco-friendly, LEED-compliant materials.
  • Conforms to AASHTO M105-09, Standard Specification for Gray Iron Castings (ASTM A48, Class 45B).
  • Conforms to ASTM A159 regulations for Automotive Grade Gray Iron Castings.
  • Conforms to AASHTO M306-10 regulations for Drainage, Sewer, Utility, and Related Castings.

Iron Dome® is a durable and aesthetically attractive product. As with all of our detectable warning surfaces, it has been engineered and tested to comply with all regulations pertaining to water absorption, compressive strength, wear resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, detectability (sound attenuation), and UV stability. In addition to meeting ADA and ADAAG requirements, Iron Dome® conforms to Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations, International Standards Organization ISO 23599, Public Right of Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG), as well as Canadian Standards Organization standards (CSA B651-12). Like all ADA Solutions, products, it is approved by all major municipalities across the U.S. for use as a tactile warning surface for the visually impaired.

The installation process is simple. Once installed, the Iron Dome® Tactile Warning System can be safely opened to foot traffic within two to four hours. It can be installed on curb ramps, parking areas, stair landings, pedestrian crossings, transit platforms, escalator approaches, and similar areas.

We are confident that Iron Dome® will fulfill all of your needs and expectations when it comes to detectable warning surfaces. Please feel free to request a quote with our convenient online form. You may also call us at (800) 372-0519 with any questions or concerns you might have about this new product from ADA Solutions