The Benefits of Photoluminescent Systems

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People can become easily flustered in emergency situations, especially when a power failure leaves them in the dark. When backup generators, batteries, and other typical alternatives fail, unique options like photoluminescent systems can provide highly visible, straightforward warnings and guidance without electricity.

What Is a Photoluminescent System?

The word “photoluminescent” refers to something that glows in the dark using stored light energy. A photoluminescent system is a coordinated set of tiles or pavers that have glowing guidance markings to help people avoid dangerous areas and/or find certain locations in the dark.

Unlike fading glow-in-the-dark toys and stickers, the heavy-duty photoluminescent materials of products like ADA Solutions’ Glow-Dome systems can store up a great deal of energy and glow brightly and distinctly for quite some time.

The Many Advantages

There are numerous reasons why using a photoluminescent system can be beneficial for all types of applications across industries. The following are just a few examples.

Provides Calming Guidance in an Emergency

No matter how well people seem to understand what to do in an emergency, that information can quickly become hard to remember when an emergency actually occurs. When the power goes out, the addition of darkness to the situation can increase anxiety. Photoluminescent systems help to prevent panic by providing clear guidance and a sense of order.

dark subway Metro station

A city might decide to install a photoluminescent system along the edge of a subway platform to help pedestrians locate its edge if the lights fail. They could also be used to highlight walkways and emergency exit paths to help people avoid hard-to-see hazards on their way to safety.

No Need for Electricity or Batteries

Because a photoluminescent system is always storing up light energy from its surroundings, you’ll never need to worry about connecting it to a backup generator or buying and storing batteries. When the electricity fails, the tiles light up without any external power source. This means you’ll also be saving money on power costs!

Available as Pavers, Replaceable Tiles, or Retrofits

At ADA Solutions, our photoluminescent systems are flexible enough to meet a variety of needs and applications. We offer photoluminescent pavers, replaceable tiles for new construction, and retrofit options for existing construction. This means that updating a space with a photoluminescent system won’t require major demolition and re-construction.

Straightforward, Long-Lasting Function

Photoluminescent systems work on a simple, efficient principle that isn’t over-engineered. There are no moving parts to break down, no complicated interface and minimal maintenance. These systems are as straightforward as it gets; simply clean them like you would normal flooring and replace them as needed. Our tiles are built to last with durable materials to maximize their lifespan.

Provide Visual Cues Even in the Dark with Our Photoluminescent Products

At ADA Solutions, we strive to provide quality safety warning solutions for a wide variety of needs. With our innovative Glow-Dome technology, we’ve helped businesses, cities, and other clients create safer, more accessible spaces for people at all levels of ability. For a free quote on our efficient, cost-effective photoluminescent warning systems, call us at 1-800-372-0519.