Stay Up to Date on the ADA


The ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, protects the over 20 million Americans who work with a disability. Here’s what you need to know.

How the ADA Supports Individuals Living with a Disability

Individuals with a disability who are employed can be eligible for several kinds of support under the ADA. Some of the most common accommodations received include job reassignment, workstation modifications, employment leave, and modified duties.

The ADA also supports individuals through employer compliance. The ADA requires businesses to provide disabled employees with safe access via:

  • Specific curb slopes and ramp heights
  • Tactile warning surfaces at building entry points
  • Tactile edges on bus and train station platforms

Costs and Benefits of ADA Compliance

The majority of surveyed employers were able to make ADA accommodations at no cost, and realize several benefits including increased productivity and improved customer interactions. This far outweighs the costs of non-compliance.

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For more about the ADA, and the many products available to maintain compliance, check out this informative infographic from ADA Solutions.

Stay Up to Date on the ADA Infographic

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