A Guide to ADA Compliance in Arizona

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Arizona business owners must ensure that their properties are accessible to all, including people with disabilities. The following guide will provide details about the Americans with Disabilities Act and reveal ways to ensure you remain compliant.

What Is the Americans with Disabilities Act?

The ADA makes it illegal for any business to discriminate against a disabled person as defined in Section 504 of the act. Enforced federally by the Department of Justice, the ADA requires all businesses to provide safe and full access to disabled persons or face hefty fines for not doing so.

ADA Compliance in Arizona – What Does It Mean?

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Being compliant with the ADA means several things. It means that your business is acting within the law and can, therefore, avoid the fines associated with non-compliance. Compliance also means that your business is safe for everyone to patronize, and it ensures that those with disabilities are able to have the same access to your business as all others.

Arizona businesses found to be in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act can receive fines of up to $75000 for their first violation. Subsequent violations of the act may result in $150000 per violation.

The requirements outlined in the ADA apply not only to commercial business, but also to agencies on the federal, state, and local levels. The act outlines the law under the following five titles:

  • Title I – Employment
  • Title II – Public Services
  • Title III – Public Accommodations
  • Title IV – Telecommunications
  • Title V – Miscellaneous

Is Your Arizona Business ADA Compliant?

Ensuring that any and all barriers to access by disabled persons are removed at your business is a clear sign that you are ADA compliant in the state of Arizona. However, the ADA isn’t the only legal requirement.

Legislation that requires your business to be compliant beyond what the ADA requires may also be passed by local and state governments.

ADA Compliance Resources in Arizona

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If you are an Arizona business owner who wants more information about being ADA-compliant, you will find the resources listed below to be very helpful.

Arizona State ADA Compliance Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is every business in Arizona required to be ADA compliant?

A: ADA compliance is required by all federal, state, county, or local government agencies, as well as any organizations or businesses:

  • With 15 or more employees
  • That rely on the general public
  • That are for the benefit of the general public

Q: Are there any organizations that don’t have to be ADA compliant?

A: Yes; there are certain organizations which are not required to be compliant with the disabilities act or ADA. These are:

  • Places of worship
  • Private clubs
  • Religious organizations and facilities controlled by these, including daycares and schools

Q: How can Arizona businesses achieve ADA compliance?

A: Arizona businesses can achieve ADA compliance by removing barriers to access by disabled persons. Examples of these barriers include entranceways and aisles that are too narrow, and steps leading to a building entrance. They also include removing barriers between handicapped parking spaces and a building’s entrance and installing ramps.

Businesses need to ensure that when they make alterations to one or more primary function areas, such as lobbies and dining areas, they must also ensure that an accessible path of travel to these areas is provided.

Q: What are the consequences for non-compliance with the ADA in Arizona?

A: Arizona businesses found to be non-compliant with the ADA can face fines up to $75,000 for their first violation. They can also be fined $150,000 per subsequent violation. In addition to these penalties, disabled persons also possess the right to file federal lawsuits against businesses they identify as non-compliant with the ADA in Arizona.

Q: What products are available to Arizona businesses wanting to achieve ADA compliance?

A: There are many product options available to businesses wanting to achieve ADA compliance. Some examples of these products are wayfinding solutions, special lighting, audible alerts, and detectable warning surfaces.

ADA Solutions – The Detectable Warning Surface Experts

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Achieving ADA compliance in Arizona means providing equal opportunity for people with disabilities via unobstructed access. ADA Solutions has over two decades of experience with designing, manufacturing, and installing detectable warning surfaces.

Every product we sell is designed and manufactured to strict standards in our ISO 9002 facility. Businesses that work with us experience superior customer service, are able to take advantage of our complete installation services, and benefit from our 7-year warranty, which is the longest in the industry.

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