A Guide to ADA Compliance in California

ADA Compliance in California

Business owners in California are aware that they are bound by law to ensure safety and accessibility for all of their customers, including people with disabilities. Still, you may have questions about the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This guide will provide the information you need.

What Does It Mean to Be ADA Compliant?

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The ADA is an act which makes discrimination against disabled individuals by property owners illegal, and it is enforced by the Department of Justice. Discrimination includes neglecting to provide those with disabilities a means of access to spaces where a business’s activities are occurring.

Being ADA compliant means that a business has ensured that disabled individuals have the same access as anyone to all areas of their premises.

California takes ADA compliance very seriously; state law declares that any business that chooses to violate the act is also committing a civil rights violation. Therefore, a violator can expect to be fined a minimum of $4000, in addition to any legal costs they incur.

In addition to following federal ADA requirements, California has set its own accessibility requirements in the California Building Code. Because of this, it’s important that business owners pay special attention to ensure compliance.

Resources for California ADA Compliance

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There are a host of resources for California businesses wanting to know more about ADA compliance; therefore, the list below is by no means exhaustive.

  • ADA Standards for Accessible Design – Provides detailed information with regard to ADA-compliant design for new buildings
  • California Commission on Disability Access – Provides information and resources for businesses needing to modify existing structures for ADA compliance
  • gov – Provides ADA guides, publications, and more
  • The California Building Standards Code – Provides reference materials for commercial facilities and other building types
  • ADA Publications for Businesses – Technical assistance, information, and resources for businesses
  • ADA Solutions – Offers information about detectable warning systems and how they help businesses achieve ADA compliance

Frequently Asked Questions About ADA Compliance

Q: Does every California business need to be ADA compliant?

A: Yes. The disabilities act or ADA requires all businesses that operate from a building and that have 15 or more employees to be compliant with the act.

Q: Are there any organizations that are exempt?

A: Yes; exempt entities include private clubs; religious organizations and the daycares, schools, and other facilities they may run; places of worship; and other facilities considered to be historically exempt from civil rights law.

Q: Does my private business have to comply with the ADA?

A: Yes. The act applies to all businesses to comply with the standards for accessible design, even if those businesses don’t serve the public. In addition, charitable organizations, nonprofits, and any other privately run company having 15 or more employees and serving the public must also comply.

Q: How do I make my facility compliant with the ADA?

A: Reviewing this guide and accessing the resources listed within is an important part of becoming ADA compliant. It’s also important to research the many products available that can help you achieve ADA compliance. These include detectable warning surfaces, sonic solutions, lighting, and more.

Q: What if my business is not ADA compliant?

A: Businesses in violation of the ADA can face a minimum of $4000 in penalties in addition to legal fees when a disabled person files a Federal lawsuit and obtains a cease and desist order. This can have negative effects on a business’s reputation and, ultimately, their revenue.

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