Different Types of Truncated Dome Tiles

Truncated Dome Tiles

There are a few different choices when looking at ADA compliant tiles for your next construction project. There are different types of tiles, each with its own specialized use and color, to help you meet all of the requirements set down by the ADA.

The first is a radius system, which is a truncated dome surface that complies with all ADA requirements. This type of tile comes in three different versions:

  1. The cast in place replaceable.
  2. The cast in place.
  3. The surface applied.

All cast in place tiles are designed for new construction and are installed in wet concrete. Surface applied tiles are designed to be retrofitted onto an existing concrete substrate. There are a couple of different types of tiles that can be combined to make your construction even safer for people with visual impairments.

One of the first is that of guide tiles that allow visually impaired pedestrians to know they are keeping to a straight line when crossing a roadway. These tiles help prevent persons with visual impairments from diverging into traffic, especially in areas with light traffic.

There are also directional bar tiles, which can be used alone or with truncated dome tiles to help guide visually impaired pedestrians on specific paths. In addition, there are a variety of different color options available, so you can ensure your tiles are as visually appealing as the rest of your construction.

For more information or to find out which tiles are right for your next project, please call ADA Solutions at 800-372-0519.