How Detectable Warning Surfaces Save Lives

Yellow Sidewalk Bumps

Detectable warning surfaces are unique, textured tiles that inform pedestrians they are nearing a potentially dangerous area. They are the bumpy, often yellow tiles that line the curbs of public roads and the edges of subway platforms. These surfaces guide the visually impaired along a safe path and provide a textured walkway for good traction.

Tactile panels can be made from a variety of materials. ADA Solutions’ tactile warning surface tiles are crafted from a reinforced fiberglass, carbon, and homogeneous glass composite material for superior durability. Our tiles are also manufactured in a variety of colors for different applications and visual contrast needs. They are specially designed to conform with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Tactile Warning Surfaces Can Be Life-Saving

Because visually impaired people cannot see potential hazards as a sighted person can, the unique texture of a detectable warning surface provides the physical feedback that their eyes cannot. ADA tactile paving tiles also save lives by providing a slip-resistant surface. This makes it safer to enter the street, stroll down the sidewalk, or use public transportation.

At one time, the height difference between roadways and curbs was more pronounced, giving impaired pedestrians a strong indication of where it was safe to walk. Many curbs have now been lowered significantly, in large part to reduce the tripping hazard posed by tall curbs. However, this has made it more difficult for the visually impaired to determine where the edge of the roadway begins.

For people with disabilities, it can be dangerous to leave the sidewalk and enter the roadway to cross the street. This new hazard makes using detectable warning tiles more important than ever.

Meeting Accessibility Guidelines for Public Safety

Tactile paving texture

The guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are intended to make public and private spaces safer and more accessible for those with physical and mental challenges. In addition to keeping people safe, these guidelines protect you as a property owner from costly accident lawsuits.

ADA accessibility guidelines require that all transition areas (e.g., curb ramps, pedestrian crossings) have textured warning surfaces that can be felt through the soles of most types of shoes. In addition, the color of these surfaces must contrast sufficiently with the surroundings to ensure they can be easily seen by those with partial sight.

ADA Solutions’ detectable warning tiles feature easy-to-feel truncated domes and high-contrast color options that meet ADA and U.S. Access Board guidelines. These truncated domes, or ADA sidewalk bumps, protect pedestrians and comply with all applicable legal requirements. The yellow bumps are easy to detect under footwear but do not create a tripping hazard. They can endure years of foot traffic without becoming worn or damaged.

Find Durable, High-Quality Tactile Warning Tiles at ADA Solutions

Whether you need to update an old property to meet legal accessibility requirements or simply want to replace old, worn surfaces with new tactile pavers, ADA Solutions can help. Our durable, slip-resistant tiles are available in cast-in-place, surface applied, and replaceable options to suit any customer need.

For more than twenty years, ADA Solutions has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality detectable warning surfaces. To date, we have installed over 65 million square feet of these surfaces. They are built to last in all weather conditions. They are also easy to install and replace—just follow our directions, and they will soon be ready for use.

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