Cast Iron Detectable Warning Surfaces Made of Durable Iron

ADA Solutions LLC, introduced our first exterior grade case iron tactile system with the Iron-dome. Our Irondome is constructed from a durable exterior grade iron and is recommended to be installed in their natural, unfinished state. This ensures the most reliable, long-term performance and aesthetic appeal.

The unfinished tactile units will develop a permanent patina and allows superior wheelchair walker and shopping cart mobility. The truncated domes have an ADA-compliant center to center (horizontal and vertical) spacing.

Features and Advantages:

  • Raised Truncated domes with a diameter of nominal 0.9” and height of nominal 0.2”
  • Center-to-cent spacing of 1.6” minimum and 2.4” maximum
  • 0.38” nominal thickness
  • Slip resistant textured surface
  • Natural finish meets color contrast requirements
  • Eligible to earn LEED® points in the materials and resources category


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  • CastIron 24×24
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  • CastIron 24×30
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Iron Tile that Meets Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines

Our cast iron plates provide a tactile warning surface that is effective and durable. They add a detectable warning surface to curb ramps that serve as pedestrian access routes. People walking through a transition between the sidewalk and the street are provided with a reminder, and the truncated dome surface helps warn those who are visually impaired or who use a wheelchair or walker. Each panel is flush with the cement and anchored via bolts, washers, and screws.

Replaceable tactile tile is cast in place and replaceable. Two size options are available: 24” x 24” and 24” x 30”. Per ADA guidelines, the truncated domes are aligned in a square pattern and have a maximum 1.4” base diameter and a height of 0.2”. They are spaced 2.4” apart from one another and have a base-to-base spacing of at least 0.65”.

The detectable warning iron plates are sized per the most current guidelines. According to the ADA, all detectable warning panels must extend at least 24” in the direction of travel. They need to be the full width of the curb ramp, as well, and conform with the wide of a blended transition or landing.

Contrast is another important aspect of these products. Therefore, pedestrians can use the contrast to gauge the location of the curb ramp as they approach the street from the other side. Individuals crossing over the tile are at a reduced risk of falling because the textured surface is designed to be slip resistant.

Why Use an Iron Tactile Warning Surface?

Unlike our other detectable warning panels, our iron tactile system does not come in a choice of colors. It’s designed to be installed as is. Each unit provides enough contrast with the surrounding pavement while being extremely durable and resistant to severe weather conditions. Extreme temperatures, snow, and salt will not affect the iron material (ASTM A159 G3000 cast iron).

Long-lasting, the panels are installed so construction crews and businesses do not have to replace them often. They provide lasting safety for the visually impaired who use canes to detect the tactile and auditory cues of the ADA detectable warning surface. People who use wheelchairs, walkers, or strollers receive useful feedback, as well, so they are aware of their location related to the designated walking path and the street.

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