Detectable Warning Surface Product Brochures

For more than twenty years, ADA Solutions, Inc., has been first and foremost among detectable warning surface tile manufacturers in the U.S. One major reason for our success is our ability to produce a wide array of surface tiles to accommodate the broad range of environments and maintenance demands that contractors and architects must contend with. Whether you are searching for radius systems that can follow the contour of a curved sidewalk, or glow-in-the-dark surface tiles that are visible even in a power outage, ADA Solutions, has the detectable warning surface products you need.

To help our customers figure out which of our surface tile products fulfills their requirements, we have gathered our various brochures in this section for easy access.

Cast-In-Place Replaceable

ADA Cast-In-Place Replaceable Tactile (ADAREP) units can be installed and readied for pedestrian traffic in just a matter of minutes.

Surface Applied

Made of an exterior-grade fiberglass polymer composite, our surface applied tactile tiles are perfect for retrofitting concrete surfaces.


A highly durable long-term detectable warning solution, our Cast-In-Place panels come in a variety of colors, from Seattle Yellow to Brick Red.

Radius System

The Radius Tactile System is ideal for a broad spectrum of radial conditions, such as curved sidewalks.

Iron Dome

ADA Solutions’s iron tactile warning surfaces are noted for their extreme durability and high degree of resistance to severe weather conditions.


Our Glow-Dome photoluminescent system uses ambient light to provide pedestrians with visual warnings.

Graphic Tile Systems

Compliant with all applicable safety regulations, our graphic tile systems are designed to be customized with the message of your choice.

Way-Finding Surfaces

These way-finding surface tiles may be installed in both new and existing concrete substrates.

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We understand that our brochures may not answer every question you have about our detectable warning surface products. If so, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.