Detectable Warning Surface Installation Instructions

ADA Solutions, is a leader in manufacturing detectable warning surfaces, with countless installations to our credit over the last twenty years. Our products, outfitted with truncated domes and other ADA-compliant features, are designed for easy installation and long-term durability. As part of our efforts to help our customers set up and maintain our surface tiles properly, we present the following installation instructions, which cover the various products found in our catalog:

Cast-In-Place Replaceable

Our Cast-In-Place Replaceable tiles come pre-assembled with a heavy-duty anchoring system.

Surface Applied

The surface applied truncated domes from ADA Solutions, are ideal for retrofit applications.


Our Cast-In-Place panels are made of a highly durable glass and carbon composite.

Radius System

Our curved tactile system is perfect for radius conditions.

Iron Dome

Cast-iron plates from ADA Solutions, can be installed in their natural state, with no paint required.


Our photoluminescent system, known as Glow-Dome, can provide light even in low-visibility conditions.

Graphic Tile Systems

These surface tiles can be customized with the graphic or logo of your choosing.

Way-Finding Surfaces

Our Directional Bar and Guide Surface Tiles guide pedestrians through a wide variety of walking areas.

Contact ADA Solutions

As one of the foremost detectible warning tile manufacturers today, ADA Solutions, is always willing to field questions from our customers. If you have any installation problems involving a product you purchased from us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.