Attention Architects and Engineers:

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Our products and specifications can be found in Specification Libraries under the Master Format Number 32 17 26 “Tactile Warning Surfacing”.
Learn how ADA Solutions products can help you with LEED Certification.

ADA Solutions products are compliant with Detectable Warning and Way Finding Specifications prescribed under:

  • International Standards Organization – (ISO 23599)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act – (ADAAG and PROWAG)
  • California Title 24 / California Building Code (CBC) 2013
  • Canadian Standards Organization – (CSA B651-12)

When it comes to installing a tactile warning surface, no one in the industry can match ADA Solutions for quality, reliability, quick delivery service, and compliance. Whether you’re updating existing construction or installing new ramps, curbs, sidewalks or other projects, we provide the solutions you need.

Products for All of Your New Construction Needs

Many local, state, and federal regulations governing new construction now require ADA compliance. ADA Solutions’ tactile warning surface products provide your company with the solutions you need to ensure safety and accessibility. We not only provide excellent quality products, but we also strive to ensure you have all the information you need for compliance. Our products exceed the most stringent requirements for water absorption; slip resistance; wear, weather, and chemical resistance; UV stability; detectability; and strength. Contact us today to discuss your new construction needs.