How to Make Public Transit Safer, One Situation at a Time

Public transit use has increased in recent years as people have to come to rely on its convenience. Passenger miles have gone up, along with the number of individuals commuting. With the rise in its use comes a responsibility to ensure everyone’s safety. This infographic from ADA Solutions shows how things have changed.

There have been significant strides in making public transit safer with the installation of safety equipment. There are more ADA-accessible modes of transportation, too. These changes have paved the way for innovations that help prevent accidents by creating awareness of potential hazards. People can’t avoid danger if they don’t know it’s there.

One of the most important ways to alert individuals is through the use of tactile warning surfaces. These surface forms are required where a risk of injury exists such as rail and bus platforms, but it’s essential to have a product you can trust will do the job no matter what the conditions. When it comes to safety, there are no compromises.

Our products are fully ADA-compliant and exceed detectable warning requirements to keep everyone safe. Learn more about our line of tactile warning surfaces. Contact us today at (800) 372-0519 for a free quote.

how to make public transit safer