Living with Disabilities: Accessories for the Handicapped

Woman on Wheelchair

There are different types of disabilities that can affect how well one is able to get through his or her day. To ease one’s day to day activities, various accessories are available that can make life a little less challenging. These accessories are designed to address challenges such as:

  • Cooking
  • Lifting
  • Grabbing
  • Walking
  • Climbing
  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Cleaning
  • Bathing

In addition, accessories for people with disabilities help improve safety and comfort when at home or work or on the go. For example, the use of a walker, cane, or wheelchair can make it easier to get around and address mobility disabilities. When selecting accessories for yourself, make sure to identify what challenges you face and which accessories could make things safer, easier, and more comfortable for you.

To learn more about accessories for the handicapped, statistics about the most common disabilities, and which accessories might be right for you, we invite you to continue reading and reviewing the following infographic.

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Living with Disabilities: Accessories for the Handicapped - ADA SOLUTIONS