The next generation in detectable warning performance

Formulated with the highest performing UV-resistant polymers and pigments, Stonescape UV+ detectable warning tiles are designed to have the best long-term durability and UV resistance in the market.

  • Industry leading 10-year warranty
  • ADAAG / PROWAG compliant
  • Available in 3 new colors designed to seamlessly integrate into streetscape design

Built to resist extreme weather and harsh UV rays, Stonescape UV+ tactile panels are backed by an industry leading 10 year warranty.  By choosing Stonescape UV+ you can ensure you maintain ADA compliance for the long-term, while minimizing failures that can jeopardize pedestrian safety and compliance.   Additionally, the new multi-dimensional colors were designed to blend with aggregate streetscapes while maintaining required contrast requirements.  Stonescape UV+ is available in our most popular panel sizes and designs per the reference chart below.  Additional products may be available subject to minimum quantities.

Stonescape™ UV+ Product Specification: PDF Download Icon

Stonescape UV+ Product Availability:

CAST-IN-PLACE PAVER with 2.35 Dome Spacing

SizeItem No.Color
2’x3′2436PAV2Brownstone / Graystone / Redstone
2’ x 4’2448PAV2Brownstone / Graystone / Redstone
2’ x 5’2460PAV2Brownstone / Graystone / Redstone
24″x24″2424HBPBrownstone / Graystone / Redstone
24″x30″2430HBPBrownstone / Graystone / Redstone

SURFACE APPLIED with 2.35 Dome Spacing

SizeItem No.Color
2’x3′2436RET2Brownstone / Graystone / Redstone
2’ x 4’2448RET2Brownstone / Graystone / Redstone
2’ x 5’2460RET2Brownstone / Graystone / Redstone


SizeItem No.Color
2’ x 2.75’ 24RADRET24RADRETBrownstone / Graystone / Redstone