ADA Solutions  introduced this game-changing replaceable system to the market in 2006. ADA Solutions  has installed 18,000,000 square feet of our revolutionary Cast-in-Place Replaceable panels. The Cast-in-Place panel is delivered pre-assembled with an extra heavy duty anchoring system, specifically designed for easy insertion and embedment into fresh concrete. Our Replaceable system is far superior to any alternative on the market.

Features and Advantages:

  • Body Thickness is 0.25” not including truncated domes (10% greater than the closest alternative).
  • Panel Weight is 2.25 lbs. per SF (12% more material than the closest alternative).
  • Four-Sided Embedment Flange is 0.75” deep and 1.02” thick.
  • Utilizes time tested and proven 0.5” x 1.5” Corrosion Resistant Concrete Inserts with 6,200 psi. of pulldown strength per insert.
  • Inserts are housed in a 0.5” recessed fixture on the back side of the panel.
  • This insures 2” of embedment depth into the concrete (50% deeper than the closest alternative).
  • The Replaceable unit is secured into the anchor with a 0.5” x 1.5” heavy duty metal bolt located 0.25” into the body of the panel.
  • The bolt head is fully covered and protected by structurally fit caps. This is a far superior to the open faced, fully exposed lightweight all-purpose screws utilized by all other alternative systems.

3–Part Cast-In-Place Replaceable Product Specification: PDF Download Icon
3–Part Cast-In-Place Replaceable Product Specification: Docx Download Icon

Cast-In-Place Replaceable Product Brochure: PDF Download Icon

Cast-In-Place Replaceable Product Data Sheet: PDF Download Icon

Cast-In-Place Replaceable Installation Instructions: PDF Download Icon
Canadian Cast-In-Place Replaceable Submittal Package: PDF Download Icon


Cast-in-Place Replaceable Drawings

  • Part Number
    and Dimensions
  • PDF
  • DWG
  • 2424REP
  • PDF Download Icon
  • DWG Downlaod Icon
  • 2436REP
  • PDF Download Icon
  • DWG Downlaod Icon
  • 2448REP
  • PDF Download Icon
  • DWG Downlaod Icon
  • 2460REP
  • PDF Download Icon
  • DWG Downlaod Icon
  • 3648REP
  • PDF Download Icon
  • DWG Downlaod Icon

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